About the Airport

Opened in 1976, the International Airport of Manaus is the most important in the state of Amazonas and is one of the busiest in Brazil. It has the strategic function of integrating the huge Amazon region with the rest of the country and the cities within it. Able to receive category 4E airplanes, it has a 2700 m runway and two passenger terminals.
Manaus is one of the main cargo transport hubs in the country and its airport has three terminals (TECAs) dedicated solely to this purpose. They have automated stacker cranes for storing and withdrawing cargo (pallets and boxes), in addition to fully automating the weighing process of cargo destined for import and export.
The city of Manaus offers visitors a series of attractions that go from exuberant nature to its historic buildings (such as Teatro Amazonas) with the convenience of a metropolis. Bathed by Rio Negro, it has a shore and freshwater beaches, in addition to the magical encounter between this river and Solimões river. Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, it has ecotourism as one of its main attractions.

Airport Fees

The effective use of airport areas, buildings, premises, equipment, facilities and services by airplanes and their passengers is subject to the payment of prices calculated based on Airport Tariffs, whose values are periodically readjusted, according to indexes established by the Ministry of Defense or ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation) through an ordinance.

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